Fashion For Tween Girls


The mention of tween girls can cause panic among parents whose daughters fall under this category. This because pre-adolescents can suck the life out of you, due to the hormonal changes that are taking place in their bodies. They are quite sensitive, and it requires a lot of caution as you handle them. It is possible to spend every waking hour conflicting with them to the point that you forget that they are about to become adolescents who will be going through so much as they try to find their identity.  So as apparent it is wise if you use this time to instill some values that will come in handy during their turbulent teen years. Findings show that fashion can play a significant role in empowering your tween. Here are some tips on how you can use fashion to teach your daughter some valuable.


Clothes can be used to teach positive self-image. We all know that teen girls can be quite vicious when it comes to body shaming. It is easy for your daughter to fall victim to these savage attacks or be a perpetrator. Therefore as a tween teach them that all body types are beautiful and anyone can look good when they wear clothes that suit their body types. You can add weight to these lessons by a few demonstrations with some real-life example.


At the stage in your daughter, they are developing their sense of fashion as a parent try to resist your tastes. Let your child figure out what they love, help when you think there is an issue or they request you to assist. Only be there to offer guidance and support. Give room for creativity with fashion, besides they are still kids, view website!

Teach them a lesson in confidence. They will need to have to learn to rock whatever clothes they prefer with confidence and appreciate that being different is wrong. Its confidence, which will enable to wear simple clothes and know that they still look beautiful.


Make a point of showing them how different clothes communicate. It is at this stage that you will teach them how fashion is their friend and can get them respect and admiration. With this lesson they will learn that fashion can also be abused and therefore they will be able to make fashion work for them.


With these few tips, you can empower your daughter through fashion. You can make it as fun as possible.  You can go through fashion blogs and do some shopping online for cute pieces that you will use for the lessons. You never know, this could be a fun bonding activity for you, check it out!

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